The Gosan Hill
National Park

The Gosan Hill is the highest hill on the island of Wolin (95 m.a.s.l.). It is located directly at the Baltic Sea and one of the most beautiful landscapes at the coast.

The Bison preserve

The the bison reservation in the Woliner National Park is a big attraction for nature lovers and children that must be visited.

The museum
of Natural History
of the Woliner
National Park

The museum of history of the Woliner National Park presents the natural beauty of the flora and fauna, and expands the exhibition with photographs, paintings and sculptures.

The Woliner
National Park

The Woliner National Park is without doubt one of the biggest tourist attractions.

The narrow gauge railway – A trip into the past

The trip with the narrow gauge railway at the coast is a wonderfull experience. It’s the only railway in Europe that moves on new, smaller tracks and stops at beautiful stations.

The Wal-Park
in Rewal

The Wal-park in Rewal, where you can examine over 100 types of fish and sea creatures in their original sizes.

The Lighthouse
Miniature Park
in Niechorze

A 45 minutes long and guided tour during which you will see the Polish coast and the lighthouses from Kołobrzeg to Świnoujście as miniatures in scale 1:10.

The observation platform
in Trzęsacz

Enables the view on the ruins of the gothic church from a unique perspective.