Nordic Walking

This fashionable sport with ski sticks wins more and more on popularity at the Baltc Sea on the Polish sea side. The flat landscape is well suitable, and the fresh and healthy sea air is the best.

Wind surfing

For people who the Baltic Sea for them means beach, holiday and relax, and for some others means waves, wind and action.


Discover the golf course in our region. Apart from playing golf you can also discover the beautiful beaches or just enjoy the nature.


The current of Rega belongs to the most beautiful canoe trails in Poland and has geographically and scientifically an enormous worth.

Horse Riding

The most popular sport activity, not only during a holiday, for nature lovers and children while on the Polish seaside.


Fishing for a cod on the Baltic Sea or waiting at the lagoon for a pike, the possibilities are countless on the Polish seaside.

Bicycle tour
on track of
architectural monuments (red)

A 8.8 km long tour on the track of architectural monuments to enjoy your break on the Polish seaside to the most.

Bicycle Tour
Land of the Sun – Rewal

 Through the land of the sun – Rewal – it’s an excellent alternative for all bicycle lovers. A 10 km long route around Rewal, historical architecture and a pleasant road for a wonderful vacation on the Polish seaside.

Bicycle tour
around the Liwia Łuża

A beautiful 8.8 km long route around the lake Liwia Łuża.